The Last Cowboy

The Mission of
The Last Cowboy
is to provide educational support and encouragement to corporations, educational institutions, the church, community service organizations, the military and law enforcement.

The Last Cowboy, Tim Sellers is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with the US Drug Enforcement
Administration and is one of history's most decorated undercover agents.  From 85 million dollar cocaine deals to tackling a suicide bomber on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, he lived an incredibly daring life against all odds. He presently travels the country speaking to thousands of police officers, federal agents, prosecutors, corporations, churches and educational institutions. He continues to make numerous television appearances and interviews, to include Hannity and Colmes, Fox News Network and MSNBC “The Morning Meeting Show”. 

On Tim Sellers:

“Tim is an epic story teller.  Definitely The Last Cowboy!”

"Enjoyed this class the most--Sellers is a legend and has forgotten more than most law enforcement has learned!"

"Sellers helped build connections-his presentation was very helpful. I wish it were longer!"

"Sellers was the best instructor over the two weeks. Great topic and he was extremely experienced in working Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations."

"A very lively instructor.”

"Sellers was very experienced, knowledgeable and interesting to listen to." 

"Excellent instructor and course information.  Wish he taught the whole two weeks. Great!"


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